Autors: Milkov, N. V., Evtimov, T. P., Punov, P. B.
Title: Advanced technologies for waste heat recovery in internal combustion engines
Keywords: Waste heat recovery, Rankine cycle, Internal combustion engines, CO2 Emissions

Abstract: The escalating fuel price and carbon dioxide legislation have renewed the interest in the methods of increasing engine thermal efficiency beyond in-cylinder techniques. The aim of this study is to review the latest technologies of waste heat recovery of exhaust gases in internal combustion engines. These include turbocompounding systems, thermoelectric generators, thermoacoustic systems and closed-loop thermodynamic cycles based on Stirling, Ericsson and Rankine cycles. A number of studies revealed that Rankine cycle is the most perspective waste heat recovery system due to its higher thermal efficiency. Finally, the components of the Rankine cycle (working fluid, evaporator and expander) were studied in detail.



    International journal MTM, issue 8, pp. 60-66, 2015, Bulgaria, Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering, ISSN 1313-0226

    Copyright Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering

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