Autors: Todorov G.T., Kamberov K.H.
Title: A reliability approach to new product development process
Keywords: Reliability analysis, Mechanical product, Virtual prototypin

Abstract: The research is oriented to the performance of reliability analyzes in the design phase of the product. Presents the developed methodology to define input parameters for reliability models based on the use of virtual prototype. The aim is to support the implementation of predictive reliability analyzes at the earliest possible stage in the development of electromechanical products. This helps to detect weaknesses in the design as a tool for the evaluation of alternative solutions. Demonstrated the advantages of applying modern automation of engineering based on virtual rather than physical prototypes. Estimated effectiveness in terms of cost and time savings from the use of this approach.



    Proceedings of the International conference of Power Transmissions - Novi Sad, pp. 483-486, 2006, Serbia,

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