Autors: Gourov, N. R.
Keywords: Diverter Switch, On-Load Tap Changer, Thyristor, Vacuum Inte

Abstract: Power quality is essential to the economy. To provide it is an important task and depends on whole chain production - distribution - consumption. One of the most important parameters of power quality is the stability of the voltage in the electrical network. The most frequently used way to ensure such stability is to incorporate on-load tap changers in power transformers, which makes it possible to switch output voltage of the transformer up and down depending on the consumption. The paper proposes new construction of a diverter switch for on-load tap changer with two vacuum interrupters and a thyristor block. The device is relatively simple and could have practical application as specific parameters have some advantages over known diverter switch with three vacuum interrupters and a resistor.



    ELMA 2015, pp. 5, 2015, Bulgaria, Технически университет-Варна, ISSN 1313-4965

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