Autors: Popov, R. K., Lishev, S. N., Georgiev, A. G., Vassileva, N. D.
Title: Optimal position sensor for orientation of photovoltaic plants
Keywords: Solar photovoltaic system, Optimal Position Sensor, Renewable Energy

Abstract: The produced volume of an electrical energy in non-concentrated, photovoltaic plants may significantly increase if the panel orientation is changing, to follow the optimal position. There are a number of methods and sensors, used to find the PV panel optimal orientation, which depend not only on sun position, but on sky (sun) insulation factors, too. In some cases the diffuse component of the solar radiation produces much more electricity, then direct one. In this article sensor for direct, real time measurement of an optimal PV plant orientation position is proposed. It uses a rotating sensor array, oriented at different tilt angles and scanning the sky. The microcontroller unit performs measurement and control algorithm and allows calculated data through RS485 interface connection.



    Годишник на ТУ София, филиал Пловдив "Journal of Fundamental Sciences and Applications", vol. 21, issue 1, pp. 169-174, 2015, Bulgaria, Technical University Sofia, branch Plovdiv, ISSN 1310 - 8271

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