Autors: KalchevaYovkova, E. P., Goranova, M. E.
Title: Current Segmentation Algorithms for Abdominal CT Images
Keywords: computerized tomography (CT), medical image processing, abdominal organ segmentation

Abstract: This paper represents a review of basic approaches that have been used to extract anatomical structures from CT images. These approaches include manual, semi-automatic and automatic techniques such as thresholding, edge-detection and level set methods, knowledge-based classification and clusterization, atlas based and rule based methods. The usability of these approaches is discussed in segmentation of particular anatomical structures from axial CT images of the abdomen.



    International Scientific Conference Computer Science’2015, pp. 255, 2015, Albania, ISBN 978-619-167-177-9

    Вид: публикация в международен форум