Autors: Stoilova, S. D., Stoev, V. V.
Title: Study of passengers’ flow at underground stations
Keywords: station, simulation modelling, ARENA, queue theory, passenge

Abstract: In this study has been developed a methodology for processes simulation in an underground station by using a direct-event approach. The passenger flow was investigated with multi-level model in four stages: entrance of the metro station, entrance-hall, validating machines, escalators and stairs. The research has been conducted by using fully licensed software Arena Enterprise Suite Academic Rockwell, version 14. Developed basic simulation model of an underground station, which is studied in different inflow of passengers and parameters of technological processes. The simulation model is verified and validated for 9 main stations of the Sofia subway. The determination of the total time in the system is necessary in synchronous interval of movement of the ground public transport to points of intermodal connections in underground stations.The model can be used for simulation and analysis of the technological processes in subway stations, for projections in the design of the subway station



    Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), vol. 2, issue 5, pp. 1148-1152, 2015, Germany, ISBN ISSN: 3159-0040

    Copyright Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST)

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