Autors: Hristov V.
Title: Simulation of Microphone Array for Sound Localization using Human Binaural Hearing Model
Keywords: Human binaural hearing model, Sound source localization, Mic

Abstract: Investigation of the human hearing system and attempts for its simulation are one the most popular themes nowadays. If the sound signals are received from a person it is easy to determinate the proper direction only with the help of the human ears and human brain. But if the human is replaced with mobile robot - combination of a proper microphone array structure and the corresponding sound localization algorithm is needed. Both working together are important to achieve the appropriate accuracy of direction of sound arrival and the corresponding sound source localization. There are proposed many microphone array structures and algorithms, which are tested and can be characterized with advantages and disadvantages in some concrete applications. Here in this article is proposed to apply and test a combination of a simple two microphone array structure and algorithm for modelling and simulating binaural human perception. The most important thing in this proposal is the simulation of huma


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ICEST, 2015, Bulgaria,

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