Autors: Punov, P. B., Lacour, S., Perilhon, C., Podevin, P.
Title: Possibilities of waste heat recovery on tractor engines
Keywords: waste heat recovery, tractor, engine, energy, exergy, engine modeling

Abstract: Tractor engines present significant possibilities of waste heat recovery due to their high power and their operation cycles. The waste heat recovery system based on Rankine cycle seems to be the most effective way of reducing the fuel consumption. Experimental studies of the real working cycles of a tractor engine reveal that such type of engines operate at high load close to the maximum most of the time when the tractors run on the fields. The aim of the article is to evaluate the energy and exergy available at different location points in the exhaust system of the tractor engine. A combination of 1D and 0D approaches is used to build the engine model in the software AVL BOOST. The experimental results such as: fuel consumption, effective power, mass flow, wasted energy in the cooling system, temperature in the exhaust system etc. have been used for calibration of the model. The energy balance of the engine shows that more than 35% of the fuel energy is lost by exhaust gases.


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