Autors: Tabakov, T. B., Denishev, K. H.
Keywords: MEMS, Linear actuator, Meander-line actuator, Piezoelectric layer

Abstract: A novel type of microactuator for linear displacements is presented. For the electrical to mechanical energy transformation it uses piezoelectric thin films. To produce linear displacement, this actuator uses a folded (meander-line geometry) path. The surface micromachining procedure is proposed. A particular set of dimensions is chosen and the actuator is designed. For quantitatively estimation of the performance of the actuator, an electromechanical model is developed and used. The results from the evaluation of the structure of meander-line actuator are shown. For producing the micro


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ELECTRONICS’ 2005,21 – 23 September, vol. 5, pp. 156-161, 2005, Bulgaria,

Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум