Autors: Vasileva, T. K., Dimitrov, P, D.
Keywords: CMOS IC, operational amplifier, low-voltage, mixed-signal

Abstract: This paper deals with problems encountered in the design of compact two-stage CMOS operational amplifiers, which operate on a single 3V supply voltage and are suitable for VLSI library cells. Various input and output stages are designed and compared with respect to their advantages and disadvantages. To ensure compatibility with the digital part and to keep production costs low, only the basic CMOS process modules are used. The paper also discusses the experimental results of several test chips containing a family of compact CMOS low-voltage opamps fabricated in 0.35 µm double-poly, dou


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ELECTRONICS’ 2005,21 – 23 September, vol. 5, pp. 117-122, 2005, Bulgaria,

Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум