Autors: Chervenkov, A. G., Chervenkova, T. V.
Title: Modelling of the electrical discharge of lighting on overhead power line
Keywords: electrostatic discharge, overhead line, high-voltage, modell

Abstract: The electrical discharge of lightning, which strikes down the wires of overhead power line for high voltage – 110 kV is investigated. Electrostatic discharge model of lightning is created. Simu-lations of emergency mode of the power line in the case of direct hit of lightning are made. The harmonic composition of the current of lightning discharge is investigated. The electrical dis-charge of the lightning creates a high voltage level of the power line. These surges and the avail-ability of harmonic currents violate electromagnetic compatibility. They create disturbing effects of the overhead power line for high voltage and other electrical equipment in the vicinity.


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Proceedings of 10th Summer School Advanced Aspects of Theoretical Electrical Engineering, pp. 66-70, 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-9487

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