Autors: Andreev, S. K., Kamenova, K, L.
Keywords: capillary effects, microstructure, photolithographic forming, wettability

Abstract: The unique features of the LIGA processes are increasingly gaining more attention in microelectronics and micromechanics. Complex micro-structures for implementing contact systems, conductive layers and variety of microelectronic elements can be obtained by photolithographic forming of protective mask, followed by electrochemical selective deposition. However, the continuous tendency toward miniaturization has led to some undesirable effects during the galvanic process. In the present work have been examined the problems related to the micro-capillary effects in the electrolytic cell.


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ELECTRONICS’ 2005,21 – 23 September, vol. 5, pp. 50-55, 2005, Bulgaria,

Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум