Autors: Petrova, G. I., Spasov, G. V., Hadzhinikolov , N.
Keywords: sub-master microcontroller, home automation, embedded systems

Abstract: Increasing house equipment with different technical facilities like domestic appliances, TVs, Audio and Video systems, Air-conditioner, security home systems, etc. leads to the fast development of Networked Embedded Systems for ‘home automation’. Usually they are distributed systems with hierarchical architecture including three layers: master, submasters, and end-devices. The availability of modern microcontrollers with embedded network hardware and software, based on TCP/IP protocol stack, facilitate the development of these systems and their fast integration in Internet environment.


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ELECTRONICS’ 2005,21 – 23 September, vol. 4, pp. 126-131, 2005, Bulgaria,

Вид: пленарен доклад в международен форум