Autors: Garbeva, V. I., Spasov, V. K., Katsarova, P. C.
Title: Parameter estimation of biosensor system using genetic algorithm
Keywords: amperometric biosensor, genetic algorithm, parameter estimation.

Abstract: In the paper is proposed a method for parameter estimation of the biosensor on the base of accuracy factor by means of the genetic algorithm. The proposed method determining all diffusions(d,l,DS ) and kinetics (Vm, KM )parameters on the base of metrological (γ, S0) parameters of the biosensor. Appropriate parameters of the biosensor can be determined in advance and that way to construct the biosensor with desired accuracy.



    Journal of Engineering Annals of the Faculty of engineering Huhedoara, vol. VIII, issue 2, pp. 31-34, 2010, Romania, ISSN 1584-2665

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