Autors: Garbeva, V. I., Pandelova, A. L., Stoynov, N. S.
Title: Inhibitor multienzyme biosensor system in dynamic mode – fluoride measurement
Keywords: mathematical modeling, inhibitor biosensor, simulations.

Abstract: In this paper a multienzyme inhibitor system is investigated. A hybrid inhibitor biosensor for measuring concentration of fluoride is considered. Enzyme kinetic of Michaelis-Menten and ping-pong kinetic are accepted. Partial differential equations of that complex system are solved numerically and are received concentration profiles of five reagents. The influence of starting concentration of inhibitor is investigated and influence of reaction rate constant of inhibitor.



    Journal of Engineering Annals of the Faculty of engineering Huhedoara, vol. VIII, issue 1, pp. 153-158, 2010, Romania, ISSN 1584-2665

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