Autors: Garbeva, V. I., Pavlova, A. A.
Keywords: hybrid biosensor, modeling cyclicreaction, catechol, dynamic mode.

Abstract: In the present paper is investigated a mathematical model of hybrid biosensor with cyclic reaction in dynamic mode. Those models have been present in other issue of the journal in steady state mode. Biosensor system is amperometric co-substrate sensitive with substrate cyclic reaction. Bio-chemical amplification is due to combination of enzyme and reducing agent. Enzyme kinetics adopted to be ping-pong. Concentration profiles of substrate, co-substrate reducing agent and medial product have been received. Influence of reducing agent, enzymatic rate, membrane thickness; over output currenthave been investigated. For solving system of nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE) is used Matlab solver pdepe.It use both finite difference and finite element methods. pdepe solveinitial-boundary value problems for system of parabolic-elliptic PDEs in the one space variable x and time t. KEY WORDS:hybrid biosen



    Journal of Engineering Annals of the Faculty of engineering Huhedoara, vol. VII, issue 1, pp. 179-186, 2014, Romania, ISSN 1584-2665

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