Autors: Ahmed, S. A., Taneva, A. M., Petrov, M. G., Ganchev, I. K.
Keywords: Fuzzy PID controller, Self-Tuning PID, Real Time Application, Rapid Prototyping

Abstract: This paper presents a neuro-fuzzy structure of a Fuzzy PID controller with self-tuning parameters. The main advantage here is that the equation of classical PID control low is used as a Sugeno function into the fuzzy rules. Hence the designed fuzzy PID controller can be viewed as a natural similarity to the conventional PID controller. Previously achieved a good simulation performance of the presented Fuzzy PID controller is tested now in real time applications. Two implementations of the controller for real time temperature and level control processes are examined. Real time applications are carried out via the Real-Time Workshop of Matlab.


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International Conference Automatics and Informatics’2013, pp. I-79-I-82, 2013, Bulgaria, ISSN 1313-1850

Copyright Съюз по автоматика и информатикa (САИ), „Джон Атанасов”

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