Autors: Draganov, I. R., Manolova, A. H., Darko Brodic., Georgiev B K., Galab B. Aikov.
Title: Creating Panorama from Colonoscopic Images
Keywords: panorama, image stitching, feature points

Abstract: In this paper an enhanced approach is suggested for creation of panoramas from single colonoscopic images. A wide range of algorithms prove their applicability in practice for panorama generation most of which make use of local invariant features aiming the complete automation of the process without presumptions for the ordering of the initial sequence of pictures or based on fixed values for the focal length, orientation, or exposure given a particular camera. All of these properties remain valid for natural images where with a relative ease the feature points for reference of the later stitching process could be detected. The situation is considerably different when the panorama is created from colonoscopic images due to the nature of the human inside visual representation. Here a new set of features is introduced which encircle the uncertainty posed at the stitching stage tending to preserve the matching time linear in the number of images and making the whole process efficient.



    Computer and communications engineering, 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-2291

    Copyright Computer and communications engineering

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