Autors: Draganov, I. R., Manolova, A. H., Darko Brodic., Boyan Georgiev., Lora Petrova.
Title: Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement of Colonoscopic Images
Keywords: colonoscopy, histogram stretching, contrast enhancement

Abstract: In this paper a novel approach is presented for local adaptive contrast enhancement of colonoscopic images. The anisotropic sources of illumination in colonoscopy along with non-even reflection from different organs inside the patient’s body pose the problem of low contrast inside the resulting images. Often under- and overexposure take place for regions with lower and highly reflective tissue respectively which leads to visual representation of the human viscera hard to be interpreted by the medical examiners. Here advanced analysis is implemented over local areas which tend to be problematic and compared to some global properties of the image at holistic level a decision is made for the degree of histogram stretching at each area to prove the local contrast. Processing the whole image consecutively over all areas a complete contrast enhancement is achieved. The proposed approach is compared with other methods from practice and it is proven to gain some advantages over them.



    Computer and communications engineering, 2014, Bulgaria, ISSN 1314-2291

    Copyright Computer and communications engineering

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