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Autors: Tzvetkov, P. M., Nikolov, N. K.
Title: Calculation of Oxygen Concentration in the Black Sea using data from Argo Automatic Profiling Floats
Keywords: oxygen concentration, Argo floats, Aandera Optode, Black Sea

Abstract: In the last years in connection with climate change on Earth more relevant and discussed is the question of the characteristics of the World Ocean. Measurements there are labor-intensive and expensive, so there is no comprehensive information,especially in the deep layers. Therefore a number of programs to monitor of ocean are recently funded. The purpose of the Argo program is to investigate the sea water to a depth of 2000 m using automatic profiling floats equipped with sensors for temperature, salinity, depth and others. The data is distributed freely on the Internet.Examination of the oxygen content is very important for studying marine ecosystems, especially in the Black Sea, which is one of the largest oxygen-free pool in planet.By an algorithm, provided by the manufacturer of the optical sensor Aandera Optode 3830, the concentration of dissolved oxygen(micromoles) in the programming environment MATLAB is calculated.


    Bulgarian National Conference on Physics, 2014, Bulgaria,

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