Autors: PleshkovaBekyarska, S. G., Nedkov Ts.
Title: Study of sound insulation properties of splitter silencer with chevron blade louvers
Keywords: insertion loss, splitter silencer, chevron blade, louvers

Abstract: In this paper are presented results from the study of sound insulation properties of splitter silencer with chevron shape louvers. The dissipative silencer is used to attenuate noise emanating from air moving devices such as fans and is with complicated splitter design, with parallel chevron blade louvers of absorbent materials. The acoustic performance of these silencers is investigated here using a finite element based numerical mode matching scheme. The insertion loss of the silencers is then calculated and compared with the measured results on site of a real case. A lot of numerical models have been developed to predict the insertion loss of these silencers; however, there is a little experimental data available in the literature that is suitable for validating these insertion loss predictions and so questions marks still remain regarding the accuracy of the models.


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, 2014, Albania,

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