Autors: Neznakomova, M. P., Todorov, N. D.
Title: Materials with potentially bioactive properties - preparation and characteriztion of electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol)/beeswax fiber web
Keywords: nanofibers, electrospinning, beeswax, bilayer material

Abstract: Currently is observed a great interest in the use of bioactive natural products for modification and functionalization of fibers to produce antimicrobial protective medical textiles. One of the areas is related to the ability to obtain electrospun nanofibers with potential bioactive properties. The aim of this study was to produce and characterize nanofibers from an aqueous solution of poly (vinyl alcohol (PVA) and beeswax (BW). To investigate the possibility of obtaining nanofibers with addition of beeswax is done in two forms - as solution and micro emulsion. Beeswax has a rich chemical composition, a mixture of proteins, vitamins, trace elements, esters, fatty acids, carbohydrates, lipids. Itself smoothies and moisturizes the skin, helps in the treatment recovery of burned skin, slows aging and has antibacterial activity. The fibers were produced in laboratory conditions with single nozzle spin-draw device.


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23rd Congress of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia/Book of Abstracts, vol. I, pp. 289, 2014, Macedonia, Johnson Matthey, ISBN 978-9989-668-99-9

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