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Autors: Asya Asenova., Kameliya Yotovska., Slavov, V. D.
Title: The Role of Virtual Lab in Professional Training for Pre-Service Biology Teachers and Engineers Student
Keywords: Virtual Laboratory, Information Technology (IT), virtual learning environment, virtual, digital

Abstract: Virtual laboratory occasionally replaces traditional classrooms due to rapid advances in computer technologies. The Virtual Lab is an interactive environment for education including creating and conducting simulated experiments for engineers: a playground for experimentation. It consists of simulation programs, experimental moduls, different tools that operate on objects. This paper presents possibilities of virtuallab in the development of professional knowledge and skills of student- pre-service biology teacher and engineers in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and Technical University of Sofia. These article present results of the data analysis for educational potential of Virtual lab in professional university training. This paper describes an experiment conducted to compare a virtual lab application and traditional environmental in professional training in university.


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International Conference Mew Perspectives in Science Education, 2014, Italy,

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