Autors: Todorov, G. D., Kamberov, K. H., Romanov B.R., Sofronov, Y. P.
Title: Coupled Field Analyses for Extremely High Loaded Thermal Sensor Characterization at Design Development Stage
Keywords: CDF, Thermal, Engineering analyses, Sensor, Coupled Field An

Abstract: This study demonstrates opportunities to evaluate design variants at early stage of product development stage using virtual prototype. Coupled thermo-fluid process is in focus when calculating sensor temperature response dynamics. Turbulent hot air flow is modeled in detail as to track design changes impact over sensor response times. Moreover, obtained temperature distribution field and computed convection parameters are used for subsequent structural analysis to evaluate design force-deflection behavior. Finally, performed simulations are verified over physical prototype of best examined design variant. Comparison between analyses and test measurements data is also presented and analyzed. Demonstrated engineering analyses process is a good base for future practice of design evaluation at earliest possible design stage using virtual prototypes.



    NAFEMS NORDIC Regional Conference: Engineering Simulation: Best Practices, New Developments, Future Trends, pp. 59-61, 2014, Sweden,

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