Autors: Punov, P. B., Perilhon C., Lacour S., Podevin P., Descombes G., Evtimov T.
Title: Injection timing strategy for exhaust heat recovery optimization on a turbocharged diesel engine
Keywords: diesel engine, injection timing, waste heat recovery, Rankine-Hirn cycle, simulation

Abstract: The paper presents a numerical analysis of injection timing effect on engine output power and heat rejected by exhaust gas in a turbocharged direct injection diesel engine implemented for a tractor application. The engine performance and exhaust gas enthalpy were studied by means of an engine computational model built in advanced simulation code AVL Boost. A Rankine-Hirn cycle model was developed due to estimate recovery potential of the exhaust gas. Injection timing optimization was carried out at the most commonly used engine operating points. The maximum engine output power was chosen as a target parameter to determine the optimal start of injection. A combination of Rankine-Hirn cycle using water as working fluid and injection timing optimization increased the maximum engine output power by 7.4%. The results revealed that in order to optimize overall engine efficiency in case of waste heat recovery system is applied it is necessary to reduce injection advance by 2deg to 5deg.


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International Congress S.M.A.T. 2014, vol. 1, pp. 35-40, 2014, Romania, ISBN 978-606-14-0864-1

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