Autors: Slavov, T. N., Petkov, P. H., Kralev J.K.
Keywords: real-time control, two-wheeled robot, LQR control, embed- ded system, digital signal processor

Abstract: In this paper we present the design and experimentation of a control system of two-wheeled robot which implements a Linear-Quadratic Regulator (LQR) for vertical stabilization and a proportional-integral (PI) controller of the robot rotation around the vertical axis. Due to the lack of accurate analytical robot model, the control system design is done by using a model built with the aid of an identification procedure. Two discrete-time Kalman filters of 17th order and of 2nd order are implemented to estimate the plant state in presence of several noises. A software in MATLAB® /Simulink® environment is developed for generation of control code which is embedded in the Texas Instruments Digital Signal Controller TMS320F28335. Results from the simulation of the closed-loop system as well as experimental results obtained during the real implementation of the controller designed are given.



    Comptes rendus de l’Acad ́mie bulgare des Sciences, vol. 67, issue 8, pp. 1153-1157, 2014, Bulgaria,

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