Autors: Gieva, E. E., Rusev, R. P., Angelov, G. V., Radonov, R. I., Hristov, M. H.
Title: Microelectronic Circuit Analogous to Hydrogen Bonding Network in Michaelis Complex of beta-lactamase Protein
Keywords: Microelectronics,Hydrogen Bonding Network,

Abstract: A microelectronic circuit of block-elements functionally analogous to two hydrogen bonding networks is investigated in the present paper. The hydrogen bonding networks are extracted from Michaelis complex of β-lactamase protein. They are described by electrical circuits. The hydrogen bonds of the networks are presented by three- or four-terminal block-elements in the juxtaposed electrical circuits. The block-elements are coded in Matlab with polynomials and static and dynamic analyses are performed. The circuits' behavior appeared to be similar to current source or amplifier, and signal modulator.



    Proceedings of the 37th International Spring Seminar on Electronic Technology, pp. 278 - 283, 2014, Germany, DOI: 10.1109/ISSE.2014.6887608

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