Autors: PleshkovaBekyarska, S. G.
Title: Speech quality dependence investigation from transmission channel characteristics and voice encoding methods
Keywords: voice communication systems, speech and audio quality,

Abstract: This article examine the dependence of speech quality from transmission channel characteristics and speech encoding methods. As speech quality estimation is proposed to use the objective methods for quality control and evaluation of reproduced speech signals transmitted in voice audio communications systems. Also the models of human auditory perception are applied as a tool for current control and further improvement of the adopted speech quality. Especially, as a basis algorithm for speech quality control simulation in this paper is proposes to use the widespread ITU-R standard for objective measurement of perceived audio quality through models of human auditory system. The simulation model create in this article is the improved version of the existing in the mentioned standard method for objective measurement of perceived audio. The developed algorithm and simulation models can be used in voice communication systems like GSM, VoIP, DVB, etc. In each of these concrete voice communic


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, vol. 1, issue 2, 2014, Albania,

Copyright Union of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (CEEC)

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