Autors: PleshkovaBekyarska, S. G.
Title: Simulation Analysis of Speech Quality Dependence from Communication Channel Type and Channel Coding Methods
Keywords: speech quality, multimedia systems, voice communication system

Abstract: Speech quality estimation methods are a part of general audio or sound quality estimation methods developed for establishment and guaranties the quality of the received speech signal transmitted over the voice or multimedia communication systems and networks. There are several methods and standards developed for speech quality estimation. A precise analysis of these methods leads to conclusions of existing wide spread subjective and objective methods and also a lot of corresponding standards based on these methods. These methods and standards are applied for testing new methods for speech coding for improvements of the existing ones. On the whole, the speech quality depends not only from the speech coding methods, but also from a lot of various factors. Some of these factors are related to the characteristics of the communication channels using for transmission of speech in voice or multimedia systems and networks. The main reason of speech quality degradation in these real communi


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IJETCAS, vol. 6, issue 2, 2014, Albania,

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