Autors: PleshkovaBekyarska, S. G., Пеева К.
Title: Simulation of Different Types of Voice Communication Systems Used for Speech Quality Estimation with Applying Speech to Text as Objective Criterion of Audio Quality
Keywords: voice communication systems, speech and audio quality, speech to text

Abstract: This article is about objective methods of speech quality estimation in voice communications systems. There are a lot of methods and algorithms for audio quality measurements and estimations. Most of them are based on subjective tests or on objective methods and algorithms trying to obtain the precision of subjective methods. In all cases of speech quality estimation it is necessary to create and use an appropriate simulation model of communication system suitable for transmission of the chosen test speech signals, which are object of quality estimation. Here in this article are prepared and used simulation models with different types of voice communication systems with applying different methods for source and channel encoding. This gives the possibility to test and estimate the quality of the decoded speech according to important voice communication systems characteristics – errors and noise. The main goal of this article is to apply the created voice communication systems simulatio


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, vol. 6, issue 2, pp. 107, 2014, Albania,

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