Autors: Siderov V., Mladenova D., Yordanov, R. S., Milenkov V., Ohlidal M., Salyk O., Weiter M., Zhivkov I.
Title: Film Thickness Measurement and Surface Characterization by Optical Profilometer MicroProf® FRT
Keywords: Chromatic white lightStylus profilometerThickness measuremen

Abstract: This paper compares Chromatic white light (CWL) and stylus profilometer measurements. Standard samples with vacuum deposited aluminum films of different thicknesses in the range of 50-300 nm were prepared and measured by both methods. It was found that the CWL technique is proper for a measurement of thin organic films with higher than 40-50 nm film thicknesses. © 2013 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Chemists in Bulgaria



    Jubilee scientific session “Interdisciplinary Chemistry”, Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies "Acad. Jordan Malinovski", 17 – 18 October 2013, 2013, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, ISBN ISSN: 08619808

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