Autors: Anguelov, K. P., Angelova, M.
Title: Basic principles in evaluation of fast-growing companies operating in innovation-intensive industries
Keywords: fast-growing companies, innovations, sectors

Abstract: In recent years, when the world economy has been recovering from the crisis caused by the pandemic, the opportunities for economic development have taken on a new meaning and started to sound relevant again. Fast-growing firms may be considered a similar opportunity, especially those operating in innovation-intensive sectors of the economy. Their example can serve both academics and practitioners to analyze the characteristics and features that predetermine their rapid growth and, on this base, to create a model that startup companies can use. The preset paper aims to define such factors and specifics that describe fast-growing companies operating in innovative-intensive sectors of the economy.



    Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues, vol. 11, issue 2, pp. 299-313, 2023, Lithuania,

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