Autors: Ismailov, A. V., Hristov, V. D.
Title: Simulating a Pobot’s Movement Using Game/Physics Engine
Keywords: robot , manipulator , simulation , physics engine , game eng

Abstract: In this paper a method to simulate robot/manipulator movement via the use of physics engine or game engine is proposed. A proof of concept implementation for a robot in 2-dimensional space is given. For the proof of concept application the Python programming language is used since it has a wide variety of libraries implementing the needed subsystems. The application allows realistic movement of the robot model and the modularity of the presented application allows for further development, which can unlock the ability for training artificial intelligence models for various tasks.



    2023 International Scientific Conference on Computer Science (COMSCI), 2023, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/COMSCI59259.2023.10315803

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