Autors: Hristov, K. H., Hristov, V. D.
Title: Servo Drive Control System
Keywords: servo , vector control , position control , torque control

Abstract: In the present article, a modern drive system for research the characteristics of servo drives is presented. The drive system is designed for researching different operating modes of a servo drive. The drive system is intended for implementation in the learning process at the Faculty of Automation. Various types of exercises have been developed for students to explore. Servo drives are electric drives for automatic control of torque, position, speed and possibly its derivatives using feedback. Feedback differentiates servo systems from other types of electric drives. In the case of servomechanisms, the command (coordinates, speed, moment, etc.) is fed to the input of the servo amplifier, which determines the current value, compares it with the set value and produces a control effect reducing their difference. With good reason, servo drives are accepted as the most high-tech electric drives.



    2023 International Scientific Conference on Computer Science (COMSCI), 2023, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/COMSCI59259.2023.10315927

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