Autors: Hadzhiev, I. S., Malamov, D. V., Balabozov, I. S., Bayrev I., Yatchev, I. S.
Title: Numerical Analysis of the Influence of External Losses on the Heating of a High Power Fuse
Keywords: external losses; high power fuse; thermal flux

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical study of the heating of a high-power low-voltage fuse considering the influence of the thermal flows propagating along the connecting conductors. These thermal flows are generated by losses both in the conductors and in the current-carrying circuits of the switchgears connected to the electrical circuit of the fuse, thus being external losses for the fuse. The numerical results have been obtained by means of a computer model developed in COMSOL program with taking into account the heat transfer from the fuse surface to the environment by radiation and convection. Results concerning the influence of the external losses and the lengths of the connecting conductors on the thermal field in the fuse have been obtained.



    2023 International Aegean Conference on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics and 2023 International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, ACEMP-OPTIM 2023, 2023, Turkey, DOI: 10.1109/ACEMP-OPTIM57845.2023.10287039

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