Autors: Stafanov, S. B., Zalatareva, E.
Title: Investigation of the opportunities of covering the electricity needs of street lighting system by photovoltaic power plants, owned by the municipality
Keywords: street lighting system, photovoltaic, Municipality

Abstract: A methodology has been developed for analysis of the opportunities of providing the energy consumption of the street lighting system of a small settlement by photovoltaic power plants, owned by the municipality and for the realization of revenues through the sale of electricity to the Electricity Distribution Company. An example of a modern highly efficient street lighting system equipped with LED lighting is considered and projects of photovoltaic power plants, based on monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar panels, haracterised by excellent technical and economic parameters are proposed.



    AIP Conference Proceedings,11th International Scientific Conference “TechSys 2022” – Engineering, Technologies and Systems, vol. 2890, pp. 030005-1, 2024, Bulgaria, AIP Publishing,

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