Autors: Stefanov, S. B.
Title: Determining the photovoltaic generated electricity necessary to provide for the household consumption of single-family homes
Keywords: photovoltaic, pv, singal-fammily homs

Abstract: This report reviews the possibility of estimating the required quantity of electricity to be generated to meet the needs of single-family homes. The results of the implementation of two estimation variants are compared, based on the hourly percentage distribution of the average daily consumption for household loads and specific rates of electricity consumption, deduced to 1 urban inhabitant. The efficiency of the methodologies is evaluated, as well as the possibilities for their use for determining the power of storage systems.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1th International Scientific Conference "techSys 2022" - Engineering, Technologies and Systems, vol. 2980, pp. 030003-1, 2022, Bulgaria, API Publishing,

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