Autors: Georgiev, Z. D., Trushev, I. M., Chervenkov, A. G.
Title: Laplace Transform Method to Transient Analysis in Magnetically Coupled Electrical Circuits
Keywords: magnetically coupled circuit;Laplace transformation

Abstract: In this work, transient processes in magnetically coupled circuits are analyzed using the Laplace transform method (operator method). The advantages of the operator method based on the extended Laplace transform analysis are emphasized. In this case it is only necessary to introduce the just prior to switching initial values of the currents through the coils (inductors) and the voltages on the capacitors. It is shown how an analysis of magnetically coupled coils can be carried out by studying a converted circuit without inductive couplings Two examples with different values of the magnetic coupling coefficient M are considered. The results of the analytical solution by operator method and the numerical solution are identical.


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2023 International Scientific Conference on Computer Science (COMSCI), 2023, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/COMSCI59259.2023.10315852

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