Autors: Stoyanov, Y. S.
Title: Increasing Tractor Ground Clearance by Using Auxiliary "Four" Wheels Placed Under the Main Ones
Keywords: Increasing Tractor Ground Clearance, Auxiliary "Four&qu

Abstract: The objective of the article is to show the development and application of hydraulic devices to increase the ground clearance of a tractor used as an alternative to agricultural operations requiring the availability of expensive machinery on farms. Work during the cultivation of agricultural crops involves movement on slopes, which in certain cases lead to a limit turnover of the entire unit. To avoid overturning of the unit, limit needles should be calculated for longitudinal and transverse stability. The calculated angle of the static longitudinal stability of the unit with the selected auxiliary wheels is assessed at 33 °, and of the static transverse stability - 33.39° The machine-tractor unit consisting of the thus selected tractor and mounted sprayer reaches an hourly productivity of 119.7 da/h at minimum slipping of the running wheels. © 2024 American Institute of Physics Inc. All rights reserved.



    International Scientific Conference on Engineering, Technologies and Systems, TechSys 2022Plovdiv 26 May 2022 through 28 May 2022 Code 196701, 2024, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1063/5.0184987

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