Autors: Stoev L. Z.
Title: Application of a traveling rest at tread grinding
Keywords: traveling rest, thread grinding, lead screw, double sided support

Abstract: The usual technology for longitudinal grinding of parts with poor rigidity like piston rods, lead screws, drills, taps, broaches, etc. is characterized with application of one or several rests. They are mounted on the machine tool’s table and are relatively still with respect to the workpiece. To increase the accuracy and productivity of thread grinding of precision lead screws for machine tools, attachments and tools it’s suitable to apply a method for multipass longitudinal machining with a traveling rest and double sided support of the workpiece.



    4th International Scientific and Expert Conference TEAM 2012, Technique, Education, Agriculture & Management, 17th to 19th October 2012, Slavonski Brod, pp. 145-148, 2012, Croatia,

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