Autors: Kamarska, K. V., Dimova, D. P., Dochev, B. A., Dubaradjieva M., Peeva N., Demirev T.
Title: Investigation of the Corrosion Resistance of Complex Alloyed Hypereutectic Aluminium-Silicon Alloys
Keywords: corrosion resistance, 1M solutions of H2SO4,1M solutionsHCl

Abstract: The hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloys AlSi25Cu4Cr and AlSi25Cu5Cr are additionally alloyed with Ni, Co, Mo in different concentrations. The influence of the alloying elements on the corrosion resistance of the alloys in 1M solutions of H2SO4 and HCl for 168h, 336h and 504h was investigated. It was established that the corrosion rate of AlSi25Cu4Cr alloy in 1M H2SO4 solution decreases continuously over time, while for AlSi25Cu5Cr alloy it observed an increased corrosion rate in the first stage of the study and a decrease over time as well. In 1M HCl solution, the corrosion rate of AlSi25Cu4Cr alloy was found to increase throughout the test stage, while the corrosion rate of AlSi25Cu5Cr alloy decreased steadily with time.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. Volume 3129, issue Issu, 2024, Bulgaria,

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