Autors: Dochev, B. A., Dimova, D. P., Panov, I. T., Boichev Y. D.
Title: Investigation of the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Alloys AlSi25Cu4Cr and AlSi25Cu5Cr Alloyed with Refractory Metals
Keywords: hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloys, refractory metals

Abstract: The hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloys AlSi25Cu4Cr and AlSi25Cu5Cr are alloyed with refractory metals. The AlSi25Cu4Cr alloy is additionally alloyed with both Ni and Mo, as well as Ni, Co and Mo, and the AlSi25Cu5Cr alloy is alloyed with Co and Mo. Different concentrations of hard-to-melt alloying elements were used. The influence of the used alloying elements on the microhardness, macrohardness and tensile strength of the investigated alloys before and after being subjected to heat treatment was investigated. As the amount of alloying elements increases, the mechanical properties of the AlSi25Cu5Cr alloy increase. The alloy AlSi25Cu5Cr alloyed with Co and Mo and the alloy AlSi25Cu4Cr alloyed with both Ni and Mo, as well as with Ni, Co and Mo have mechanical properties corresponding to the requirements for standardized piston alloys.



    AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. Volume 3129, issue Issu, 2024, Bulgaria,

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