Autors: Hinov, N. L., Gilev B.N.
Title: Comparison of Different Optimization Techniques for Model-Based Design of a Buck Zero Voltage Switching Quasi-Resonant Direct Current to Direct Current Converter
Keywords: Buck Quasi-Resonant DC-DC converter; Matlab; model-based

Abstract: he present paper provides a comparison of different optimization techniques applied to the model-based design of a Buck Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) Quasi-Resonant DC-DC Converter. The comparison was made both on the basis of the duration of the optimization procedures and in terms of guaranteeing the performance of the power electronic device. The main task of the paper is to present various techniques based on the use of mathematical software for the optimal design of Quasi-Resonant DC-DC converters. These topologies were chosen because in them, the design is carried out according to computational procedures, in which several iterations are often necessary for the successful completion of the process. An optimization procedure with a target function reference curve of the output voltage was used. In this way, the optimization is performed without the need for a complete design of the device but only by using base ratios, design constraints, and past experience.



    Mathematics, vol. 11, issue 24, 2023, Switzerland, MDPI, DOI 10.3390/math11244990

    Copyright MDPI

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