Autors: Ukov, T. G., Tsochev, G. R.
Title: Application of genetic algorithms in the multiplayer video game “hram light” for personal qualities training
Keywords: Evolutionary computation, Algorithms and data structure

Abstract: The inspiration that has been drawn from the newly discovered natural phenomena, finds substantial application in computer science. Genetic algorithms are a metaheuristic gear for finding solutions of problems that the explorer does not even understand and the results are beneficial to many industrial spheres. However, can that inspiration be applied in a computer game trainer for personal qualities development and this way closing the cycle: from nature to machine and from it to the inner nature of a person? This would require research on the inner occurrences or more precisely the semi-conscious reactions of the player, derived as a response from their insight. Although the fact that the various characters of people are a challenge for the development, maintaining more “individuals” - behaviour of bots generated with genetic algorithms would help in the searching of a useful opponent for the improving player. As much as challenging the goal of “teaching a machine to be a teacher ..



    Proceedings of the 48th International Conference “Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics”, 2023, Bulgaria, AIP conference proceedings,

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