Autors: Sharabov, M. Z., Tsochev, G. R., G, V. S., Tasheva, A. T.
Title: Filtering and Detection of Real-Time Spam Mail Based on a Bayesian Approach in University Networks
Keywords: spam; Bayesian network; university network; phishing email

Abstract: With the advent of digital technologies as an integral part of today’s everyday life, the risk of information security breaches is increasing. Email spam, commonly known as junk email, continues to pose a significant challenge in the digital realm, inundating inboxes with unsolicited and often irrelevant messages. This relentless influx of spam not only disrupts user productivity but also raises security concerns, as it frequently serves as a vehicle for phishing attempts, malware distribution, and other cyber threats. The prevalence of spam is fueled by its low-cost dissemination and its ability to reach a wide audience, exploiting vulnerabilities in email systems. This paper marks the inception of an in-depth investigation into the viability and potential implementation of a robust spam filtering and prevention system tailored explicitly to university networks. With the escalating threat of email-based hacking attacks and the incessant deluge of spam, the need for a comprehensive..



    Special Issue Advanced Technologies and Applications in Computer Science and Engineering, vol. 13, issue 2, 2024, Switzerland,

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