Autors: Stanchev, P. A., Vacheva, G. I., Hinov, N. L., Klimenta D.
Title: Life Cycle Evaluation of Photovoltaic Panels
Keywords: energy efficiency , life cycle , photovoltaic systems

Abstract: In the presented paper a life cycle evaluation of photovoltaic panels was presented. A comparative analysis was made of two types of panels with the same power, provided by one manufacturer. The main advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic panels are presented. Through this examination, a suitable type for building a photovoltaic plant can be easily and efficiently determined. Estimating the lifetime and efficient operation of the individual modules required for construction could significantly reduce construction and maintenance costs.



    31st National Conference with International Participation (TELECOM), 2023, Bulgaria, DOI 10.1109/TELECOM59629.2023.10409603

    Copyright IEEE

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