Autors: Tabakov, S. D., Chuchulski I., I., Badarov, D. H., Tomchev, N. N.
Title: Multichannel Non-Contact System for Breathing Detection and Respiratory Rate Measurement Using Capacitive Electrodes
Keywords: capacitive electrodes; breath detection, CTMU

Abstract: The breathing and respiratory rate are one of the important parameters in vital signs monitoring systems. There are various types of methods and sensors used for biomedical and vital signs parameters measurements. Non-invasive and non-contact of them are preferred due to the patient comfort, but they require a new methods and processing algorithms due to high noises level or another reasons. In this work we present a breathing detect and respiratory rate calculating algorithm for the monitoring system based on the microcontroller with CTMU and sheet with a matrix of capacitive electrodes.



    32nd International Scientific Conference Electronics, ET 2023, 2023, Bulgaria, ISBN 979-835030200-4 / DOI 10.1109/ET59121.2023.10279227

    Copyright IEEE

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