Autors: Tomov, P. K., Alexieva, J. A.
Title: A Conceptual Generalised Nets Model for Checking the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications
Keywords: Generalised net, modelling, work process, checking websites

Abstract: The research presented in this article is a continuation of previous research for verifying websites and mobile applications. Due to the topicality of the topic of accessibility of online content by a large number of users, the process is described in terms of Generalized net theory, which is a convenient and appropriate tool for modeling. The presented model can be used both to describe the main activities and connections between them and for simulations to improve the work process.



    ISTC Automation of Discrete Production Engineering 2022, issue 4, pp. 167, 2022, Bulgaria, Sofia, ISBN ISSN: 2682-9584

    Вид: публикация в международен форум