Autors: Pepedzhiev, D. P., Hristov, V. D.
Title: Software for image analysis and inspection of optical lens
Keywords: Image analysis;Optical design;Inspection;Optical imaging;Sof

Abstract: This article presents several software for free use in image analysis and inspection, and they will be designed for image analysis of optical lenses. A system has been designed that allows images to be taken on optical lenses to allow further processing. After taking the images from the optical lenses, the images were processed with the selected software products. Selected software products allowing image analysis are SEye, TopView, and Matlab-based CellProfiler. After the analysis of the software products, the software with the best indicators was selected, for which experimental studies with different luminaires were performed. Research with luminaires aims to achieve a sufficiently high level of accuracy. The achieved accuracy has a maximum error of 0.00134mm, which fully satisfies the study of images from optical lenses.



    2023 27th International Conference on Information Technology (IT), 2023, Montenegro, DOI 10.1109/IT57431.2023.10078533

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