Autors: Nikolov, N. K., Shterev, V. A., Pavlov, N. L., Dacova, D. I.
Title: Creating Software for Automotive High Beam Assist System: A Case Study
Keywords: Automobiles, Automotive engineering, High beam assistant

Abstract: This article examines the principle, design, creation and functionality research of the HBA (High Beam Assistant) system. The article describes the design of the system, its creation, as well as achieved experimental results. Processes such as hardware and software implementation are described. The system is made for a car which does not have such a system from the factory. The main purpose of the experiment is to achieve automatic switching off the high beams in the presence of oncoming cars. For this purpose, a mirror with high beam assistant from a car that has such a system is used. Hardware and software have been developed to integrate with the vehicle. The mirror sends messages via the CAN bus to a developed module that decodes the messages and switches the high beams on or off.


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15th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference (BulEF), pp. 1-5, 2023, Bulgaria, IEEE,

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